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Discussion with your Insurance Agent

by Gudenkauf Team

Insurance and homeowners go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lenders require fire insurance at a minimum for homes with a mortgage but many owners opt for a more comprehensive coverage with a homeowner’s policy.discussion-250.jpg

However, comprehensive doesn’t mean that everything is covered. Filing a claim is not the time to learn that you don’t have the right coverage. Discuss the following issues with your insurance agent to get a better understanding of your policy and whether some adjustments might be in order.

  • Flooding?
  • Rising water? 
  • Mold?
  • Earthquakes?
  • Pools?
  • Termites?
  • Certain kinds of pets or breeds of dogs?
  • Limits on jewelry and cash?
  • Deductible amount?

The whole concept behind buying insurance is to transfer the risk of loss that you cannot afford for an annual premium that you can. Price and coverage need to be considered when comparing policies. Call your agent and make sure you understand what you’re insured for and if there are alternatives available.

The Kentucky Wine Trail: Our First Three Wineries

by Gudenkauf Team

Anyone who has spent any time in Kentucky has heard of the world famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. From Louisville to Bardstown to Lexington, bourbon distilleries with such names as Maker’s Mark and Woodford Reserve are held in high reverence.  Did you know there is another trail in Kentucky that is slowly gaining notoriety? This trail is not grain based, but fruit based, and it will leave you quite pleasantly surprised.

Until a few weeks ago, I thought there were only five or six wineries in all of Kentucky. I have sense been delightfully enlightened, and discovered there are over 70 wineries in the state of Kentucky and many of them are within an hour’s drive of Radcliff/Fort Knox.